Dinghy’s for Hire

Marine Film Services Ltd have an extensive collection of dinghy’s for hire.

If you need something that is not listed please give us a call.

5ft clinker dinghy

7ft clinker dinghy

9ft Old and knackered

9ft old knackered dinghy. Henri Lloyd

9ft clinker dinghy

10ft clinker dinghy

10ft old grp dinghy

10ft grp dinghy

10ft waterman dinghy

11ft smart dinghy

12ft old and crusty

12ft working dinghy

12ft TPC clinker dinghy

12ft painted work dinghy

12ft Shallot boat

14ft clinker dinghy

14ft painted dinghy

14ft RNSA sailing dinghy

15ft Lobster dinghy

16ft skiff dinghy’s

16ft Scandinavian sea dinghy

16ft white painted sea dinghy